About Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are made as a bi-product of other timber production processes, often to reduce waste or to improve forest structures. All VerdEnergy pellets are from FSC sources, ensuring all the fibres, dust, chips and material used in manufacture are from sustainably harvested woodland. We are currently looking at obtaining FSC certification.

Biomass wood pellets are made from compressing wood dusts at high pressure, using the lignin within the cellular structure to act as the binding agent to form the pellet. No additives are required. All our pellets are from 100% virgin sources and classified as A1 grade.

Not all wood pellets are the same, VerdEnergy only supply pellets that are manufactured to the ENplus A1 standard, are 6mm and within the standards required on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL). They undergo rigorous testing at manufacture and again by us as part of our QC and third party accreditation, ENplus Trader certification.

Using wood is good as it reduces the carbon impact of heating, helps to improve woodland biodiversity, employs people in the rural economy and improves national fuel security.