Biomass Consultancy

VerdEnergy offers impartial and independent biomass advice for a range of clients, drawing on its first-hand experience of biomass amassed over several years.

Biomass heating, using wood chip or wood pellet in a biomass boiler, can transform the way you heat your property giving you lower cost "renewable heat" and greater efficiency, but it is essential to get the solution right first time – we can help.

Our experience of the full supply chain, from supporting an extensive number of biomass installations with Duncan Renewables through to supplying the wood fuel, enables us to see the complete picture and provide a detailed view of what works, what doesn't and how systems can be improved. VerdEnergy are not tied to any brand or manufacturer and have experience across a broad product range enabling us to provide impartial advice.

VerdEnergy uses its very experience team to give focused, cost effective biomass consultancy. The team have worked in the industry for a long time and have a strong pedigree in the sector, not only in boilers and fuel, but in the allied trades of engineering, forestry and logistics. VerdEnergy’s staff track record across the industry enables them to deliver targeted consultancy projects, at various scales – domestic to industrial, both in relation plant and fuel. Whether it’s looking at your own site or the state of the market or the return on investment; we can help.

Amongst our portfolio of work, VerdEnergy Consultancy has;
- provided market analysis on the EU & UK timber sectors,
- undertaken biomass and wood fibre sector reviews for investors,
- created biomass implementation plans for customers,
- provided fault and rectification improvements advice (disputes and as a professional witness and in arbitration),
- closed-loop operational management plans for self supply heating units,
- system environmental compensation works,
- BSL applications; and
- RHI consultancy.

About Us & Accreditations

VerdEnergy are a Yorkshire based family firm that offer excellent customer service, high quality biomass wood pellets and wood fuels across the region. We are members of the Renewable Energy Association (REA), the Wood Heat Association (WHA), as well as being Biomass Suppliers List accredited as a supplier of fuels for claimants under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

All our fuels are manufactured from FSC sources both within the UK and the EU.

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About Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are made as a bi-product of other timber production processes, often to reduce waste or to improve the forest structure. All VerdEnergy pellets are from FSC sources, ensuring all the fibres, dust, chips and material used in manufacture are from sustainably harvested woodland.

Biomass wood pellets are made from compressing wood dusts at high pressure, using the lignin within the cellular structure to act as the binding agent to form the pellet. None of VerdEnergy's pellets contain any additional binding agents and are ENplus A1 quality.
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Pellet Delivery

VerdEnergy use a specialist fleet of dedicated wood pellet delivery vehicles (no contamination issues), specifically designed to ensure minimal impact on the fuel in transit and during delivery. We use low friction hoses and our wagons blow a consistent pressure as per the AEBIOM guidelines to ensure the best fuel integrity in your silo or store. VerdEnergy offer dust extraction as standard, with no extra charges; the price we quote covers the best delivery. VerdEnergy are ENplus accredited traders.

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Fuel Monitoring

Unlike our competitors, VerdEnergy offer a range of monitoring services which enable clients to remove the burden of fuel ordering, along with fault monitoring and engineering back up to ensure that your boiler is the best it can be at all times.

Our systems have the ability to remote monitor fuel consumption, boiler faults and fuel levels. We can ‘see’ what’s in your store and order fuel for you.

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